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Photo: @21stBirthdays

Photo: @21stBirthdays


Why A Girl & Her Backpack?

In the summer of 2017, I was backpacking 50 plus miles across Catalina with my mom, older sister, and a close family friend. I came across an amazing Boy Scout camp with rock climbing, scuba diving, boats, trees filled with hammocks, etc. and was just in awe. I grew up in Girl Scouts and while we did camp maybe a few times a year, we never got to go to camps like the one's I had come across. Girl Scouts was mostly geared toward crafts, building friendships, and few survival skills such as: setting up a tent, rolling a sleeping bag, and cleaning up your mess kit. 

My mother and I began talking about how disappointing it was that we weren't encouraged in Girl Scouts to achieve the same certifications many of the Boy Scouts were required to in order to move up. Teaching a young girl skills outdoors (such as backpacking and rock climbing) can build up her confidence tremendously. Growing up can be incredibly overwhelming. Being outdoors and focusing on physical activities can teach young people self sufficiency and responsibility - ultimately building their confidence and can take their minds off of what may be happening at school or at home. 

A Girl & Her Backpack was created to hopefully inspire young people to venture outside of their comfort zones to explore something outside of their daily lives. At the time of creation, I had (have) 32k followers on Instagram. 32k people that I make a very minuscule impact on their lives - possibly daily. I want that impact - no matter how small - to represent something positive; Instagram captions just aren't going to cut it anymore. 





The "life" portion of the site contains blog posts and videos on my daily life. I am very passionate about fashion, interior design, books, career, and finances. It's geared towards helping my readers and followers get to know me better as well as giving any advice to readers that I can relate to from experiences of my own. This section also contains interviews from inspirational women in my life. 

Travel Journal

The "travel journal" portion of the site contains my adventures! Yes, 'life is an adventure', but, these are the trips that I've fallen in love with and believe I should share with you. The "travel journal" is meant to inspire and help others venture outside of the comfort of their own towns. Not ready to travel? Live vicariously through me as I do through many other travel bloggers ;). I'd also like to provide advice for that young high schooler or college student on how to get started traveling at a young age (even if you're broke). 


My "gallery" portion of the site is a collection of my favorite work over the years as a creative director and model. I've been a creative director for 2 years now and a model for 6 years. Both are big contributors to why I have been able to travel so much these past few years and I will often relay back to them in my life blogs and travel journals. 


She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans.
— Kobi Yamada